Thank you for considering Berean Christian Junior Academy for your family!

Elementary School

Grades K through 4

Middle School

Grades 5 through 8

Welcome to Berean Christian Junior Academy

At Berean Christian Junior Academy (BCJA), academic success is achieved by inspiring young people through a rigorous curriculum as well as through instruction and mentoring by exemplary Christian teachers. Our intentional approach creates a more engaged student, one who is better prepared for high school and beyond.

Berean Christian Junior Academy teaches students to integrate servanthood into who they are, not just what they do, and develop a lifelong commitment to others ahead of self. Because serving others is the essence of leadership, Berean Christian Junior Academy students are becoming strong, passionate leaders who actively share the love of Christ.

Each BCJA faculty and staff member, administrator, and trustee professes faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. They play a critical role in ensuring that students are challenged to pursue a mature Christian faith and develop the leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving skills necessary to enable them to make a positive contribution to the world and a difference for Christ.