An Easter  Message from our Educational Complex–

the Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy, the Berean Christian Development Center

and the Berean Child Development Center

“He is not here; He has risen, just as He said”. (Matt 28:6)

Today, I thought of that moment many morns ago, when the ladies came to the tomb to find Jesus, and the angel said, “He is not here, He’s arisen”.   What joy, assurance and hope to the Christian to know that Jesus is not in the grave, but has arisen.  He has conquered death and the grave so that He can come again the second time. AT GAAA and BCJA, we believe in a risen, soon-coming Savior in real action time.  This causes us to be partners in the execution of a grand strategy, that of preparing leaders to serve in the end time as witnesses of the Gospel.  

That’s the big picture strategic plan—pattern the Gospels as our Curriculum guidebook.  Jesus prepared disciples who became leaders; we are preparing students to become leaders.  Jesus prepared disciples who became bold speakers; we are preparing students to speak clearly and fervently, through our oratorical program.  Jesus prepared the disciples who spoke before the Sanhedrin fearlessly—we are preparing students through our legal skills program to speak in courthouses everywhere as done in the recent Mock Trial in the Atlanta Superior Court. Today, there are mock trials, but tomorrow, they will be real and our students will be ready, fortified by the Word.   Whereas Jesus empowered the disciples to “go into all the world and preach the gospel, we are empowering our students to use technology to communicate the same Gospel, far and wide. We are combining core subjects, Bible passage memorization, oratory, legal skills and technology to produce a superior student that can lead the world.

If you’d like to break it down, our grand strategy destination is “heaven at last”. Our execution strategy (what we do to accomplish the grand strategy) is to prepare students to witness in these end times and to enter collegiate study.  Our execution strategy is “preparation”—the act of preparing–we are making every effort through smaller tactical maneuvers to achieve this leadership preparation.  Indeed, Jesus has arisen, but then, “so what?” What are you doing today about this fact?  We Shall Behold Him.