Expected Student Learning Results (ESLR) seeks to develop students who are:

Bible Based
• Students will develop an active spiritual life and recognize Jesus as their personal Savior.
• Students will demonstrate knowledge of the life and teachings of Jesus.
• Students will participate in programs that will enhance their spiritual growth.
• Students will develop skills that will aid them in developing a good character and in making moral choices.
• Students will develop habits pertaining to leading a wholesome healthy lifestyle, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.Critical Thinkers
• Students will use creativity and critical thinking skills.
• Students will be able to analyze, interpret, and evaluate significant concepts.
• Students will be able to design and implement multiple strategies for problem solving.

Joyful Citizens
• Students will value the common good and recognize that individual acts influence the welfare of the community.
• Students will gain a knowledge and appreciation for diversity and a respect for diverse cultures.
• Students will develop effective methods for self management and become ethical and nurturing citizens.
• Students will also exhibit good sportsmanship that will display a Christ-like attitude.

Academically Literate
• Students will be able to speak effectively, write clearly, read and understand various types of writings and become technologically literate.
• Students will demonstrate a commitment to producing quality academic skills needed for success in high school.
• Students will develop their aesthetic abilities, cultivate an appreciation of the arts from various cultures and apply discriminating criteria in their choices relating to music, art and entertainment.

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